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About Us

OLANDA – Paradise Redefined…offers high quality, stylish furniture and home accessories made from natural materials. Materials many of which are designed and manufactured exclusively for OLANDA.

OLANDA owns a furniture store in Galle Fort specializing in antique originals and handcrafted reproductions.




 Ziham and Sabreena founders of this unique trade have been in this business for the last 10 years. The story begins like this.

In 1999 Ziham and his wife Sabreena refurbished OLANDA (The old Hayleys building in Galle Fort) 30, Layn Bann Street and turned it in to one of the largest furniture stores in Sri Lanka. The showroom and warehouse is built on 30 perches of land, full of antiques, collectables and reproduced furniture

This couple didn’t stop exploring and experimenting. Clients from all over the world started visiting them as they are located centrally in the old Dutch fort (Olanda Kotuwa) in Galle and one of the clients wanted a dozen of planters chairs for his hotel in London, but it had to look exactly like the original piece. These two Sri Lankans didn’t want to miss this opportunity, the young and talented couple took up the challenge. They both realized, to get the original look the wood has to be old (reclaimed) and unique.

This was the next step of their journey. They hunted for old colonial houses which had to be demolished and skilled carpenters who could work with them as a team. They were lucky enough to find the key. Bought these houses demolished them and used the timber to reproduce furniture but demolishing old beautiful buildings was the last thing they both wanted to do as they really loved old architecture and to rebuild Dutch style villas. This was a grate success. The 12 planters chairs looked exactly like the original one(which was 200 hundred years old), and this very first stock of Dutch style reproductions was shipped to London and the villas got very fames for it's comfort and exclusivity. Today, Olanda supplies furniture all around the world even up to New York! and owns a beautiful beach villa, which is OLANDA BEACH HOUSE. The company has expanded their services and started management of villas, villa rentals and interior designing ...

Today, OLANDA has its own furniture factory employing 20 very skilled crafts man.

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